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Thank you for your interest in the egg donation program at IVF1. Egg donation is a very special gift that will be appreciated by the recipients for a lifetime.

IVF1 is an infertility medical practice located in Illinois. We have two office locations: Naperville and Plainfield. The medical director of IVF is Dr. Randy Morris who is a board certified reproductive endocrinologist (infertility specialist).

Donating eggs is a little different than donating blood or even donating sperm. It isn't as easy to donate eggs! Donating eggs takes a couple of weeks and requires a woman to take fertility injections and have a minor procedure to remove the eggs from her ovaries. We would really like you to read more about egg donation.

If you are already sure you want to become an egg donor, take our short quiz first to see if you qualify. Its easy and will take you less than one minute.

We are currently redesigning our site and are not taking new donor applications at this time. Check back soon to see our new and improved site soon!

Or, Sign Up to be a new recipient.

Our sweet Tessa Charlotte at 17 months! Thank you Dr. Morris! IVM gave us this incredible blessing! More Testimonials »