What our patients are writing our the IVF1 Facebook Wall

"Just read a story on Yahoo's att.net home page called "8 real fertility facts you need to know", and Dr. Morris is in the article...cool!"

"Thank you Dr Morris! As you may know we just got the BEST news ever! Pregnant after our FIRST try at IVF! we could have not done it with out you! "

"I love everyone at Dr. Morris's office! From the front desk to the nurses to him, they are all amazing! Thanks for making this all just a bit easier!!"

"Awesome !!!!! Amazing !!!! People from all over the world can have the opportunity to have the best Dr. Ever !!!!!!! !!! God bless you every day !!!!!!"

"Thank you Dr. Morris and your staff for our little miracle. Born May 16, 2011"

"Our little guy arrived - May 11 - 8lbs 2oz 21inches! Thanks for getting us here Dr. Morris and Staff!"

"Bella will be 2 in a week and we are hoping for one more to add to the bunch. Thank you Dr.Morris and hoping this last try is another blessing!"

"This is our daughter, Isabella. Our miracle thanks to Dr. Morris. The staff rocks & Dr. Morris is the only dr I trust if I were to go through IVF again. Isabella just turned 5 last month. Thank you Dr. Morris & staff!!"

"It was worth the wait. Thank you Dr. Morris for a wonderful experience. You and your staff are fantastic!"

"Cassidy Grace born Feb 23, 2011....Thank you Dr. Morris & Staff for our little miracle!!!!!"

"Had my first, and hopefully only, round of IVF this morning. Regardless of what happens, wanted to thank Dr. Morris and the staff at the surgical center for their friendly and professional demeanor. "

"Ill be in our office on th e 19 I cant wait! :) any advice for the hubby and I welcome! "

"Thank you all so very much! 7 months old and growing fast.....Thank you!"

"Dreams do come true! Thanks Dr. Morris and Staff for our beautiful girls! Abigail Caitlyn born 12-15-08 and Kimberly Ella born 9-14-10."

"There isn't a day that goes by that I am not thankful for all you did to help us become a family. It's hard to believe our miracles will be 5 years old in a few months. Thank you!"

"So proud of my 5 month baby bump...and oh yea, it's a BOY!!! Thank You Dr. Morris and Staff! Keep doing what you do!!!!! XOXO"

"Our sweet Tessa Charlotte at 17 months! Thank you Dr. Morris! IVM gave us this incredible blessing!"

"We thank God and Dr. Morris for blessing us with our son!! "

"Made possible from Dr. Morris and staff...my little one Chloe will be 3 next month!! How time flies.... Thank you for my angel ♥"

"On July 20th we welcomed our second little miracle....Greta. She joins big sister Emma. We could not have had our two little girls without the help of Dr. Morris & his wonderful staff. We can't thank you enough for our wonderful family!!"

"I still cant believe it! Maxwell Andrew arrived May 2nd, 7lbs 15 oz. I cannot thank you enough for helping make this dream come true! There is a special place in my heart for you & your awesome staff! Thank You!"

"Thank you Dr Morris & Staff! My beautiful twins were born on May 18th. Alexander 7lb 7oz and Lillian was 6lb 4oz at 36 weeks. We are all doing great! Thanks again, our family is now complete!"

"Thanks Dr. Morris! Our little Genevieve is now 4 months old, thanks again for helping us get our princess!"

"Thank you to Dr. Morris! Our Bella is about to celebrate her FOURTH birthday. We wouldn't be parents without him! This is her Christmas picture"

"thank you Dr Morris and staff for our blessing. We just celebrated his 3rd birthday."

"Thanks to Dr Morris and his wonderful staff we just got the privilege of celebrating Ethan's 3rd birthday on January 12."

"Maggie was born at 36 weeks, but she was perfectly healthy!!! She is now 2 months old and doing great!! Thank you Dr. Morris!"

"THANK YOU so much for everything that you and your staff do on a daily basis to give us the most wonderful gift that could ever be given! Our Twins; Hailey and Brayden were born Jan 12, 2009 at 38 weeks!!! They are now 13 months old!!!"

"Thank you Dr. Morris and your wonderful staff! Without you we wouldn't have our Madison - she turned 2 yesterday. The twins (boy & girl) are due in June!"

"We are so thankful to Dr. Morris and his staff. We are so blessed to have Mason and Paige who recently turned three!"

"THANK YOU Dr. Morris! You gave me two beautiful children! Today is my little girl's (Kennedi) 1st Birthday!:)"

"Just wanted to say hello to Dr Morris and the wonderful staff at IVF1. It's been years since we had our infertility treatments, but we continue to be eternally grateful for our two miracle children. I posted some photos. Tell everyone we said hello!"

"Thank you so much Dr Morris and staff!! Our Alexandra will be 2 next week!! She is a joy and a dream come true!!!!"

"Thank you so much Dr. Morris & Staff. Thanks to you we have 3 perfect daughters. Nevaeh, Arianna & Araceli are the lights in our lives and we can't thank you enough for them!"

"Thank you Dr Morris. Cady is such a blessing, we tried for many years before we found you, Carley our 6yr old is enjoying her little sister very much. Cady will be one on Tuesday. After just one round of IVF you got us our dream."

"Braelyn Faith just celebrated her 1st birthday. Thank you so much Dr Morris and staff. You have changed our lives!"

"I'm glad to be a fan of IVF1. Thank you Dr. Morris and staff! We are so thankful everyday for our sweet Tessa. She will be 9 months at the end of the February. We are so blessed and grateful for the chance to have participated in the IVM procedure. Thank you!"

"Thank you Dr. Morris and staff. Because of you our Emma and Jonathon are 16 months old. Thank you so much for your help in getting us pregnant and answering our prayers."

"I am so thankful I found you guys....Because of you we were able to have our little angel ;) To the couples that are going through ivf now just keep your faith and stay positive...Lots of ups and downs but well worth it"

"Hello Dr. Morris and the wonderful IVF1 staff!! I am so thankful every day for all you did for us! The boys will be 3 at the end of April. Time has truly flown by! Best wishes to all who are currently working with Dr. Morris to make their dreams come true!"

"Thank you Dr. Morris. My twin boys are growing like weeds and we're so thankful to have found you. Pictures posted. They will be 2 years old this Saturday."