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IVF1Match has a perfect safety record! We pay attention to details and ALWAYS keep the safety of our egg donors as our top priority!


Most companies that recruit egg donors will send those donors to any fertility center where a recipient wants. That’s great for the recipient but not so great for you! Let’s face it, there are great programs, average ones and poor ones. Do you really want to take a chance at being sent to a below average program?

All donors at IVF1Match will be screened, monitored and have their procedures done at one center – the Naperville Fertility Center. Under the direction of Randy Morris M.D. , the Medical Director of IVF1, you can be assured of the highest level of care available in the world today.

A Great Team

Past egg donors have commented that the care team at IVF1 and the Naperville Fertility Center we always friendly, helpful and generally we the extra mile to make sure our egg donors (and patients) had the best experience possible.

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