If you are thinking about becoming an egg donor, you probably have many questions about the process. Here are some of the most common questions we get asked.

How much is egg donor compensation?

This is completely up to you. IVF1Match is unique in that each egg donor can determine her own compensation, in is not dictated by an agency. It is important to understand that you are being compensated for everything you have to do in the egg donation process (screening, monitoring, exams, egg retrieval). You are not being paid for how many eggs you produce. Egg donors are compensated for every donation.

What if I start the process but don’t finish?

Sometimes egg donors, through no fault of their own, may not respond well to fertility medications. If that happens, you will still receive some compensation depending on how much of the process was completed. However, if the doctor is forced to cancel a donation because you didn’t show up for monitoring when you were supposed to or didn’t follow instructions, you may not receive compensation

How many times can I donate my eggs?

At IVF1Match, we follow national safety guidelines for egg donors. We will allow you to donate as many as six times. After your egg retrieval is complete, our board certified fertility specialists will review how you did during the cycle and determine whether you are able to return to the program to complete additional egg donation cycles.

Who pays for my medical expenses?

All egg donor medical screening costs, medications, and medical expenses related to the egg donation cycle are paid for by the recipient or the recipient’s health insurance. Egg donors gain valuable knowledge about their genetic, physical, and reproductive health as a result of the screening process.

What if I have a complication?

First of all, complications resulting from egg donation are rare. All egg donors are provided with an egg donation cycle insurance policy. This insurance policy will be used to cover medical expenses for any complication that arises as a result of the egg donation process. The same doctors who take care of you during the egg donation process, can care for you if you have a complication.

What about travel expenses?

You should keep travel expenses in mind when you decide on what your compensation should be. This is especially true if you live far away and need to fly to our state of the art IVF center outside Chicago.

Some donors will include these expenses in their overall compensation, others will agree with their recipient to cover their travel and lodging expenses in addition to their compensation. You are in control!

Do I have to pay a share of my compensation to IVF1Match?

No! Unlike donor agencies, which take a big percentage of the egg donor compensation that recipients pay, your compensation is yours. Like any income, the amount your receive for egg donation is subject to being taxed. You will receive a U.S. 1099 form so you can report your compensation as an independent contractor.

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