Egg Donor EB 1309

Egg Donor EB 1309 is a multisport athlete ( softball, soccer, and football) and is very intelligent (National Honors Society, High GPA, stellar scores on her ACT). Intelligent is an understatement. She occasionally had to be skipped out of classes to more advanced levels. As you can see, she is a natural beauty with a

Our newest egg donor is a mother of two

Egg donor JS 1306 is really busy! In addition to having two children, she is studying to be a medical biller and coder. She loves running, dancing and music. She also likes arts and crafts, baking, cooking and pets! Donating would be very convenient for her because she lives locally. Could JS 1306 be the

Egg Donor AH 1305

Sensational New Egg Donor Just Approved

Beautiful and Intelligent. Egg Donor AH 1305 describes herself as an active girl who loves animals. She is going to school for psychological genetics. With this strong science background, its no wonder that she finds the process of egg donation very interesting. Her sincere desire? “I really would love to help people be able to

New Egg Donor Available AM 1303

Egg Donor AM 1303 is a college student studying architecture. This is actually her 2nd career! she previously studied and became a dental assistant before embarking on architecture. And she just turned 19! Her interests include pets, music and reading. For exercise, she likes to run occasionally.

New Egg Donor Available – DH 1302

As a student of theriogenology (veterinary artificial insemination, IVF, & embryo transfer), she understands the importance of viable, healthy cells for the use of reproduction. She also understands the frustration and grief suffered by those who must go through a lengthy reproductive journey. After having met several couples and mothers who could not naturally conceive

New Egg Donor Available BW 1300

High school wasn’t tough enough for this Egg Donor. She took AP classes and had dual enrollment at the local college. Oh and she ran track at the same time. Besides running, she also excels at soccer and volleyball. BW 1300 has a wide variety of interests which include music and photography, baking, yoga and

New Egg Donor Available ET 1301

The newest egg donor at IVF1Match is a college student with a major in Biology and a minor in Spanish. She hopes to get a masters degree to become a genetic counselor. She enjoys arts and crafts, being outdoors, baking & cooking, and interior Design. She is a talented dancer and gymnast.

Egg Donor AB 1298

Egg donor AB 1298 is a college student majoring in criminal justice. She loves being outdoors and excels in basketball, gymnastics and swimming. she states she want to donate because she knows someone with infertility and always wanted to help.

Egg Donor NN 1044

Egg Donor NN 1044 is a pharmacy student who loves Sports (including Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball / Softball, Soccer, and Gymnastics). She also loves Photography, Art/Crafts, Being Outdoors, Yoga, Music, Pets, Reading, Working out and Baking / Cooking. Check out her full profile here…

New Egg Donor Available – YM 1295

Egg Donor YM 1295 enjoys reading books in her free time! Most are about success. Her favorite book is Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert T Kiyosaki. She loves anything outdoors: Hiking, Climbing, Running, Fishing, Camping, Etc. She considers herself to be athletic. She played fast and slow pitch softball for 4 years and during

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